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Company Overview

Synchrony Systems provides end-to-end software transformation and modernization solutions. Our products help you analyze modernize and evolve mission-critical legacy applications to latest software platforms and architectures. We can help transform your legacy applications from host platforms such as COBOL, RPG and PL1, and 4GL platforms such as ADABAS/Natural, COOL:Gen, and VAGen, to web-based architectures with rich graphical interfaces running HTML/Javascript/CSS. We also have extensive experience in converting client/server platforms such as Smalltalk, Java, VisualBasic and PowerBuilder to rich graphical user interfaces.

IBM Business partner Synchrony Systems has been an IBM Business Partner since 1996, helping hundreds of companies in all industries with their conversion challenges. Companies that have struggled to evolve their applications as support for aging technologies dwindles, have used Synchrony to deliver turn-key migrations of their platforms to running code that can be maintained by a modern development team. These transformations allow companies to leverage their current software infrastructures and extend them into the future, while also allowing them to be in compliance and governance of Web 2.0 and SOA architectures.

Why Migrate?

There are great advantages in migrating your legacy platforms to rich UI platforms:

  • Rewrites are very expensive, and have a high risk of failure
  • Time-to-delivery of the new application is much faster than any other solution
  • Development can continue on your old platform during the migration process
  • No retraining of staff -- the UI remains identical to the old system
  • You can reduce or eliminate expensive maintenance costs associated with your old legacy system
  • Your code moves to a Web 2.0 platform, allowing for easy maintainability and integration with other systems

Our products can convert your legacy applications from VAGen, ADABAS/Natural, Cool:Gen, COBOL, RPG and other 4GLs to Java and IBM's open-source EGL platform, giving you options for the future.
We also support Rich UI conversions from Smalltalk and Java desktop applications to thin client web apps.

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Company News

June 2 2014
Synchrony's Slavik Zorin speaks at the BlueMix and delivers DevOps keynote at the IBM Innovate 2014
January 1 2014
Synchrony perform major upgrade of Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) mission-critical Web 2.0 system.
June 8 2013
Synchrony team completes migration of half-dozen of Adabas/Natural NYPD applications to Web 2.0
March 31 2013
Synchrony completes another large-scale VAGen GUI Migration for a French government agency
February 12 2013
Synchrony Systems with IBM/GTS of Eastern Europe close a major ELA of Federal Agency of Slovania
Dec 20 2012
Synchrony completes another large-scale VAGen GUI Migration for Nordic Bureau of Copyright