3270 / 5250 Modernization Technology

Facelift Technology Features

Only Synchrony Systems has the ability to rapidly transform your 3270 / 5250 applications in an automated, consistent way with no screen scraping. 

Pattern Matching Rules

The standard rules library covers the commonly used patterns used in dumb terminal form design. The facelift plugin provides powerful and easy-to-use facelift pattern development tools to modify and create new, custom pattern rules to accommodate any layout variation that may come across from a text-based application. Patterns are color-coded to easily identify the various fields being transformed, and pattern matches can be visualized on the original form layout using the color-code pattern colors.

Automated Facelift Transformation

Facelift technology uses a model-driven-transformation approach, which turns a two-dimensional, text-based layout into a fully semantic UI model. Rich annotation tools and pattern-based, search/replace transformation rules, transform the original 3270 / 5250 dumb terminal model into a full-fledged, widget-based, modern web UI layout model. Previewing tools help iterate over the transformation process until the result matches the desired outcome, at which point the model finally emits the target HTML 5.0-compliant code.


A full list of forms displays current status and associated defects. They can also be filtered based on a specific property, status, or matched pattern.

Tagging & Impact Analysis

Tagging rules extend an already powerful pattern matching capability using regular expressions to identify specific and custom fields inside forms. Patterns are matched against all application forms. Match statistic and the snapshot view enable tracking matches due to changes in pattern rules.

3270 / 5250 Modernization Options

Using our technology, we can approach modernization in the way best suited for your future-state and business needs:

  • “As-Is” Transformation  — 3270 in the browser supporting users

  • Standard Transformation — using CSS formatting, events, or widgets

  • Enhanced Transformation — using enhanced widgets or adding mashups for richer orchestration of UI

3270 / 5250 Modernization

Programming Languages, Platforms and Frameworks

  • IBM Mainframe / System Z — 3270 terminal display, COBOL, PL1, Assembler
  • 4-GL Platforms — CA-Telon, Cool:GEN, Ideal/Datacom, Natural/Adabas, VisualAge Generator, EGL
  • AS400 / System i —  5250 terminal display, RPG, COBOL

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