COBOL Modernization Tools

Our Modernization Lifecycle Platform (MLP) integrates best-of-breed COBOL migration tools from our 3rd-party solution providers with our 3270-facelift transformation technology and manages the entire lifecycle of a modernization project – from analysis and migration to testing and production release.

COBOL Migration Tools to Java/C#

Automated conversion of COBOL source code produces high quality maintainable Java or C# code that is guaranteed to be 100% functionally equivalent to the original. The migrated application relies on native industry standard technologies and the migration outcome is highly predictable in terms of time, cost and risk as all project aspects are automated: code, data and testing. Functional equivalence extends into online and batch/JCL, as well as code originally running under CICS or IMS. VSAM file-based data access is also converted through compatibility libraries that provide functional and performance equivalence using RDBMS on target platform.

Facelift Transformation for COBOL to Modern UIs

Rapidly transform your green-screen, COBOL applications to native and modern web platforms with NO screen scraping. This highly automated and highly customizable facelift solution is fast, cost-effective, guarantees functional equivalence, and minimizes end-user retraining. Choose an incremental, piece-meal, staged UI modernization to modern web platforms and architecture. Learn More ->

COBOL Modernization

Supported Programming Languages, Platforms and Frameworks

  •  IBM Mainframe / IBM Z — 3270 terminal display, COBOL, PL/I, Assembler
  • 4-GL Platforms — Natural/Adabas, VisualAge Generator (VAG), Enteprize Generation Language (EGL), Cool:GEN, CA-Telon, Ideal/Datacom
  • AS400 / IBM i — 5250 terminal display, RPG, COBOL

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