• ‘‘The Synchrony Systems team are absolute wizards with programming languages. Their systematic approach using Rules-based Automation and their Modernization Lifecycle platform is unlike anything else on the market today. We continue to engage with them on what’s now three of our major modernization projects.’’

    Customer #1

    IT Project Manager, SoCalGas
  • Synchrony will always turn in an outstanding performance whether the issue to be technical, schedule, or cost. They are great to work with and focus like a laser on customer satisfaction. I could not be happier with their performance and would recommend them without reservation.

    Customer #2

    Frank Driscoll, President and CEO, FBD Associates Inc.
  • It was, in a word, refreshing to work with Synchrony Systems. I doubt any other firm would have been able to migrate our system with this result: live within a year and no issues… All in all a great atmosphere during the project with good support and even better results.

    Customer #3

    Evert Jan de Groot, Project Manager, Fortis Bank
  • Synchrony’s technical leadership in this field is unmatched and their proven customer track record exemplifies what a successful partnership is all about.

    Customer #4

    Ed Gondek, Application Modernization Solutions Architect, IBM Rational

Rapid Legacy Application Modernization

No code freezes required

Synchrony Systems helps companies transform legacy, in-house applications to modern technologies while preserving business-critical functionality. With our Modernization Lifecycle Platform, we provide an automated, reliable, and transparent modernization while ensuring 100% functional equivalency with no operational interruptions. And with our continuous modernization, your in-house applications will never fall behind again.

No matter the source or target programming language, we apply the same, systematic modernization approach. The underlying modernization process is uniform and driven by automation, not by manual labor. Our agile, iterative methodology enables continuous development and maintenance of the legacy application without imposing any code freezes.

How to Prepare for Legacy Application Modernizations

“Refactor,” “re-platform,” “encapsulate and expose for microservices,” “lift and shift,” and “low-code rebuilds” are just a few of the buzz-phrases floating out there.  But the how is not always as straightforward as some try to make it seem. 

The Retirement “Brain Drain” Adds More Risk to Organizations Running Legacy Applications

Critical shortage of legacy software programmers have put business and government operations at risk. There are only a few ways to address this future, growing shortage of developers.

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