Slavik Zorin of Synchrony Systems to Present at Camp Smalltalk Supreme

Sessions include Static-Type Inferencing Smalltalk for Application Code Analysis and De-coupling Smalltalk Applications for GUI Migration to Popular Web Frameworks.

Greenwich, CT (May 16, 2022) – Synchrony Systems, Inc., a leading technology provider for managing legacy application migrations and modernizations, announced today that Slavik Zorin is speaking at Camp Smalltalk Supreme, a yearly conference focused on the Smalltalk programming language. The event is June 10-12, 2022, in Toronto, Canada, celebrating the language’s 50th birthday.

“Smalltalk’s versatility, simplicity, and elegance allowed developers to build sophisticated applications to manage and run business-critical processes,” said Slavik Zorin, CEO of Synchrony Systems. “Yet today’s advances in modern web technologies and industry’s demands for more interactive digital experiences have put Smalltalk applications under pressure. I’m looking forward to showcasing how our technology can preserve the value of Smalltalk applications while enabling interoperability with cloud and mobile application development best practices.”

On Friday, June 10, Zorin will present “Static-Type Inferencing Smalltalk for Application Code Analysis,” demonstrating a static type system in Smalltalk along with Synchrony’s type inferencing technology within their Smalltalk Modernization Technology (SMT).

On Sunday, June 12, Zorin will present “De-coupling Smalltalk Applications for GUI Migration to Popular Web Frameworks,” featuring case studies of commercial Smalltalk applications that underwent a Smalltalk GUI migration while preserving the back-end functionality and design.

Camp Smalltalk Supreme will also feature keynote sessions from Adele Goldberg and Dan Ingalls, two of the original Smalltalk creators at Xerox PARC.

For more information about the conference, visit the conference website at Camp Smalltalk Supreme.

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