Smalltalk Modernization Technology

Smalltalk Modernization Technology

Smalltalk is a dynamic programming language and a pioneer in object-oriented technology. Its versatility, simplicity, and elegance allowed people to rapidly build complex systems across a variety of industries and applications.

Although other programming languages surpassed Smalltalk in popularity for commercial application development, few captured its unique capabilities.

This makes Smalltalk applications difficult to replace without giving up design and functionality.

The trusted experts at Synchrony Systems have spent over two decades developing technology to address the unique challenges in modernizing Smalltalk applications. Our solution fast tracks Smalltalk modernizations to meet digital transformation demands while preserving the functionality and elegance of the original design. Our solution is designed to prevent operational disruptions — no code rewrites, no code freezes, no halts in development.

Previously, dynamically-typed systems were not good candidates for migrations.

Today, Synchrony’s Static Typing Engine makes these migrations possible. It’s the only proven solution in the market that turns dynamically-typed Smalltalk into statically-typed Smalltalk. It accurately identifies live code and isolates execution paths that are then rapidly migrated or deprecated. The analytical capabilities of our solution give you complete visibility into the Smalltalk interactions within your system. This allows you to extract functionality and migrate it to properly architected microservices.

The entire Smalltalk modernization process is managed through Synchrony’s Modernization Lifecycle Platform. MLP provides an automated, incremental, and agile modernization experience for all stakeholders–from analysis and planning to transformation and remediation to build and deployment to testing and production release. All without impacting the production version of your Smalltalk application or interrupting your day-to-day business operations.

With Synchrony, drastically reduce the cost and eliminate the risk and failure that comes from a rewrite with the most advanced Smalltalk modernization technology on the market.

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