Synchrony Systems Launches New Capabilities to Support EGL Migrations

Organizations can upgrade to the latest version of EGL technologies or move to alternative platforms with MLP

Greenwich, CT (September 7, 2021) – Synchrony Systems, Inc., a leader in legacy application modernizations, announced today the release of a 4GL EGL migration solution as part of its Modernization Lifecycle Platform (MLP) offering.

“News such as no longer supporting JSF and Jasper reports and IBM moving EGL to HCL puts a question mark in the platform’s future,” said Oleg Arsky, chief product officer at Synchrony Systems. “Pair that with the desire to move applications to Web SPA with Angular/React/Vue, it made sense for us to invest in building a complete EGL migration solution to help our customers approach EGL modernizations in the best way suited for their future-state and business needs.”

Using Synchrony’s automation technology within MLP, applications built in the legacy 4GL EGL platform can be migrated wholesale or incrementally to the target architecture, programming language, and platform of the organization’s choice. This includes upgrading to the latest version of EGL technologies or moving to alternative platforms. The new capabilities for Synchrony’s EGL Modernization solution include:

  • Report Framework Upgrade — Jasper Reports to BIRT Reports
  • Web Upgrade — EGL/JSF to EGL/RUI
  • Web Facelift — EGL/TUI to EGL/RUI
  • Platform Transformation — EGL to Java/C# on the backend and JavaScript on the frontend

“Companies who work with Synchrony get more than best-of-breed migration tools,” Slavik Zorin, CEO of Synchrony Systems. “Our strength and focus are on migrating large and often complex bodies of legacy code that run critical aspects of the business to modern technology platforms and release them into production without any operational disruptions or development freezes.”

“The real value for organizations is integrating our EGL migration tools inside the entire modernization lifecycle to achieve the kind of an assembly line that is needed to make a complex EGL modernization manageable in terms of process and predictable in terms of time and cost,” added Arsky. “That why we are excited to offer a complete EGL migration solution integrated with MLP.”

For more information, visit the EGL modernization solution page, MLP page, or contact us.

About Synchrony Systems, Inc.

We help enterprises transform legacy in-house applications to modern technologies while preserving business-critical functionality. Synchrony’s Modernization Lifecycle Platform (MLP) is a scalable, cloud-based platform for managing and executing end-to-end migrations and modernizations of legacy IT applications to modern software architectures and platforms. It enables automated code conversion, transformation, remediation, and upgrades of millions of lines of code in minutes, ensuring consistent, reliable, and repeatable results. MLP was named a 2021 Digital Innovator from Intellyx, 2019 SIIA CODiE Award Finalist for Best Emerging Technology, and 2018 SIIA CODiE Awards finalist for Best DevOps Tool.