Synchrony Systems Takes Mobile Features Live in 45 Seconds versus Three Months [VIDEO]

Bluemix offers the customers today one place where you can do rapid development with services that can be bound, can be dynamically provision on the fly. And not only that you can do development there, but you can actually do the whole DevOps process of publishing and of getting the products to run there, getting your software to run there immediately.

The mobile pilot application that Synchrony Systems is building for BART is for their operations to get real time status information about cars. That pilot is using Bluemix, it’s running in Bluemix, and it’s using the entire DevOps Bluemix development environment to put an application in production. Hopefully, that extends today their existing legacy application that they are using, the web-based application that they are using in-house.

BART was discussing mobile with Synchrony Systems for a while, but it has always been a challenge to hit the ground running. So with Bluemix, what we are able to do is tell them, “Look guys, let us show you what it takes to put a system in production without all the headaches of trying to figure out what it means to get your interfaces with mobile platforms, get the appropriate software in place to provision the right hardware.”

One of the glaring results that we’ve seen here is once we started using Bluemix and building this application is that¬†instead of the typical six months’ effort that an organization would take to build an application like that, it took us 15 days from concept to a running system.

And that is potential going forward, cost savings for BART of possibly in the area of 80 to 90 percent. They no longer have to be afraid of six-months to one-year to two-year project engagements. They can see that systems like that can go from inception to production in about 15 to 20 to 30 days. Now that’s a huge benefit.